With a single line, effortlessly create an impressive look. A warm color with black nuance gives a clear coloration. A liquid eyeliner that brings out your eyes and gives them a dignified shape. Draw lines as you please, thick or thin, with the brush’s felt type sharp tip. A film type eyeliner that does not smudge easily yet can be readily removed with warm water.

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Product Features

・Warm color with a black nuance that stands out
Adding a slightly bluish black nuance to a warm, clear color creates creates a definedignified lineook while making a soft impression.

・Felt type sharp brush tip
The brush’s flexible felt type tip with good absorbing properties makes drawing thick and thin lines easy.

・Film type that does not smudge easily
The film type eyeliner does not get smudged easily by sweat, water, or sebum and can be readily removed with warm water.


〇When using it for the first time, gently shake it vertically two or three times with the cap facing up.
〇Be careful as strong shaking or falls may result in leakage, which may stain the inside of the cap and clothing.
〇Avoid using it when on a airplane as that can lead to leakage.
〇After use, keep it clean by lightly wiping it with a tissue.
〇Do not wipe the tip with excess pressure, as this may cause it to lose its shape or fall out.
〇After use, close the cap properly until it makes a clicking sound. If left without the cap on, the brush dries and becomes unusable.
〇When opening and closing the cap, be careful not to damage the tip of the brush.
〇If the color is too thin or the brush dry, or if the liquid does not come out well due to serum or another cosmetic product being stuck to it, shake vertically two or three times with the cap facing up, wipe the tip with a tissue, and check how the color is coming out before use.
〇Use water at around 38℃ for cleansing. If the eyeliner does not come off well, we recommend using LUNASOL POINT MAKE OFF N.
〇Store sideways.
〇Do not leave it in extremely high or low temperatures or exposed to direct sunlight.



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