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エビータ ボタニバイタル 艶リフト ジェル / BOTANIC VITAL GLOW LIFT GEL

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For firmness/luster concerns that arise with age…Create plump, glowing and firm skin with this all-inclusive aging care gel
This thick and rich gel melts into the stratum corneum at application
Its 'dense wrap effect' adheres snugly to the skin without stickiness, and supports the 'water/oil balance' that changes with age
This is the only product needed after facial cleansing! There is a refill available for this all-inclusive five-function facial lotion/emulsion/serum/cream/pack as well

*'Aging care' is skincare methods for moisture/firmness to suit one's age


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How to use

● After cleansing the face, take an optimal amount (approximately 1 to 2 cm in diameter) and gently apply on the skin.
● Open the container with the lid facing up, to prevent spills.
● Wipe off all leftover gel on the container opening after use, and close the lid tightly.
● This product can be used both morning and night.


● Do not use this product on sensitive or problem areas, such as open wounds, rashes or swelling.
● Pay close attention during use to make sure that the product does not cause any problem. Stop using if you experience skin trouble.
 (1) If you experience redness, swelling, itching, irritation, discoloration (such as white blotches) or skin darkening during use.
 (2) If the same conditions appear after your skin is exposed to direct sunlight, after use.
 Continuous use may worsen these symptoms. If symptoms appear, we recommend you consult your dermatologist.
● Do not let the product get in your eyes. In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
● Store out of reach of small children or sufferers of dementia in order to prevent accidental swallowing.
● This product contains natural ingredients. There may be some changes in product color, but this does not affect the product quality in any way.
● Do not store in areas with extremely hot or cold temperatures, and do not store in direct sunlight.
Allergy-tested (This however does not constitute a guarantee that all users will be free from allergy)

Caution when sending the product by air

●This product is non-hazardous material category by the Civil Aeronautics Act.
●If you are asking a shipping agent (including the post office) to send the product, tell them this product is not categorized as a hazardous material for shipping by air.

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  • Information such as directions and cautions is based on Japanese law, lifestyle and living environment.
  • Before you purchase or use the product, check information printed on the package including directions and cautions.
  • Information including directions and cautions is subject to change with product revamp.
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